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What is an NFT?

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Date:2021-07-11 Author:admin

An NFT is a differentiated digital asset based on blockchain, and a blockchain compatible

with NFT is like a database that can record any commodity. In theory, NFT can anchor

all things that have non-fungible characteristics, realize the tokenization of the real world,

and form a digital asset world with interconnected values and interoperable information.

The key innovation of NFTs is to provide a way to mark the ownership of native digital

assets (that is, assets that exist in the digital world or originate in the digital world), and

this ownership can exist outside of centralized services or centralized libraries. The


ownership of the NFT does not prevent others from inspecting it or reading it. NFT does

not capture the information and then hide it, it just captures the information and discovers

the relationship and value of the information with all other information on the chain. At

the same time, due to their non-homogeneous and inseparable characteristics, NFTs can

anchor the concept of commodities in the real world, such as tokenized tickets, a bottle of

precious wine, uniquely designed jewelry, and so on. NFT enables us to certify any

valuable things and trace the ownership of the information, thus realizing the intersection

of information and value.

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