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Tangmi Mahasthamaprapta


Date:2021-07-11 Author:admin

Registration number: 4001


Time:Tang Dynasty of China


Material quality: Bronzes

Dimensions: height

Complete disability situation: complete


Date of admission: Heisei 1(1989)


Origin:In the third year of Heisei’s reign (A. D. 1991) , it was transferred to the ancient Zen Art Museum in Tokyo. Mr. Yoshitoshi is a well-known Japanese artist and designer. He has a good communication with the museum and served as the top advisor of the ancient Zen Art Museum in Tokyo. The old collection of Mr.

Shunichi Suzuki, the former governor of Tokyo, was transferred to the Tokyo Museum of Ancient Zen art in Heisei (1989) . Mr. Shunichi Suzuki, former deputy chief cabinet secretary of Japan, 1970 Japan into the National Fair Association, as Governor of Tokyo from 1979 to 1994, for the construction of the capital has made great contributions. First Class Order of the Rising Sun, 1st class by the Emperor in 1987.